A Couple of Vintage Acquisitions

In November, I went with my friend Libby to a consignment/antique/estate sale type of shop that she knew about. I don’t remember what I was officially looking for – probably nothing in particular and everything in general. We had just moved (upgraded BIG TIME) into our huge new house and it was B-A-R-E in there!

The shop was packed FULL of furniture and stuff. I’m talking floor to ceiling full. Furniture was stacked on top of furniture as high as it could go. And from talking to the shop owner, she had another building’s worth of stuff waiting for it’s turn to get into the shop. So everything in the entire store was 50% off. :)  Just what I like to hear.

IMG_1640I felt as though I must have been walking past tons of great things because it was just impossible to see everything when it’s packed so tight. As it is, the children’s table & chairs that I got I didn’t even see on my first few laps around the store. I mean, how do you hide a table & chairs in plain sight? It was that crazy.

To add to the craziness, Libby & I were taking turns in the store. One of us would stay in the car with 3 kids while the other did a speed-shopping session. There was literally no way to get around in there with the kids. Thank God for DVD players in cars!

I spotted this amazing vintage military trunk and just had to have it. It is very sturdy and made of some sort of metal, has a leather handle, and even some sort of paper tag that has avoided getting torn off after all these years! I figured it was worth the $22.50 (after the discount). I love the details, as well as how worn, scratched & dented it is. And I love that it is some sort of military trunk. You can’t tell from the pictures, but the words printed on the trunk read: TO TRANS OFFICER LACKLAND AFB TEXAS  There’s more written on it, but it’s so worn & beat up it’s not clear enough to read.

IMG_1567I’ve actually had a hard time figuring out what to do with this guy & where to put him. For now, though, he’s cozy underneath one of the dining room windows.IMG_1568

The other piece I left with is a perfect little children’s dining table with matching bench seats. I don’t think I could have dreamed up a better set. I had really wanted/needed one, especially since Thanksgiving was right around the corner and we were hosting. I needed a “kid table” for C and his cousin K to sit at so all the adults could fit around the dining table. I desperately wanted to avoid one of those primary colored plastic monstrosities at all costs. That and the “character” folding table & chairs. I’m sure C would love to sit at a Cars table & look at Lightning McQueen & Mater, but I sure didn’t! So the push was on to get a kid table. Besides, I needed something that was practical for C to play at when he wanted to color, paint, etc.

Lo and behold, this gem was waiting (hiding) for me in a stack of furniture!

Kid TableI absolutely love the little bench seats and all the great lines. The color is hard to capture, but it’s almost a robin’s egg blue – but a slightly dingy robin’s egg blue. Whoever made this set did a great job and was thoughtful about who would be using it – did you notice the bench legs go back to make the seat sturdier? That little touch has come in very handy at my house!

And as you can see from this other picture, there are some worn spots on the table & benches. It was already naturally distressed, which makes me love it even more. <3IMG_1645

I wish I remembered how much I paid for this set. I think it was in the ball park of $60 (again, that was after the discount). I think it is well worth it. We have gotten a tremendous amount of use out of it already. One day, when B is older, I would like to put the set in the play room for the kids to do art, etc. But for now, it has taken up residence under the bar overhang of the kitchen island. We really would prefer to be able to put bar stools there as it is really inconvenient, especially when guests are over. But we haven’t figured out a better set up as of yet. I like to keep jelly, syrup, markers & play dough on the kitchen tile and under my watchful eye!

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

Here’s What We’re Working With

If you walk through the entry you enter the Living Room.

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So here’s what we’re working with! These are basic pics of my bundle of sticks as it stood on move-in day. Great bones, lots of space, lots of potential! Be forewarned though: iphone camera + amateur = painful photos!   … Continue reading

My Bundle of Sticks

BB700Why “bundle of sticks”?  A few reasons. First, it’s a nod to the law. In property class, you learn to analogize the bundle of rights a property owner has to a bundle of sticks – each stick representing a specific right that can be separated from the other rights and held by others even though you own the property. Hopefully I didn’t lose you in a pit of boredom already… but what can I say? It’s a part of my background so it means a little something to me in its own boring way.

Second, a house is built with “sticks.” Sure they’re big – like 2×4 & 1×8 – but they’re sticks nonetheless. And I live in a house. See the connection?

Sincerely though, I want to turn this bundle of sticks from just a house into my home. Into my family’s home.

You see, those property rights that are represented by those sticks are really just responsibilities. It sounds more exciting if you call it a right, but it really comes down to the fact that you are responsible for something. And when we are responsible for something, it is within our realm of influence and we have authority over it. So as wife & mother, I have the responsibility & authority to make my bundle of sticks into many things – a safe haven, a peaceful place, a place of rest, a place of love, a place of fun & memories, a place to learn & grow up, the list goes on…  I’ve found these things flow more easily in a beautiful & welcoming place. So I will turn my literal and figurative bundle of sticks into someplace wonderful. Because I can.

"Protect what you love"